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Grandstream is one of the original SIP manufacturers and therefore brings more knowledge, experience and expertise than almost anyone else. Our award-winning products are used in over 150 countries worldwide. We provide a wide range of Unified Communications devices that serve every need, and our open-source SIP products are compatible with any SIP service, device or platform.


We understand the business and IT issues facing enterprise organizations today. These include concerns about enterprise network security and access control, as well as specific networking challenges affecting campuses, branches, and data centers. To address these issues, we solve enterprise networking solutions to address the same.

Meet your Conference requirements with Grandstream

Interaction Conference is your on-site conferencing solution and takes care of all your company’s conferencing needs. Interaction conferences scale small or large to meet your needs. And because you own it, you eliminate the expensive cost per minute offered by outsourced conferencing solutions.

Executive perspective

Grandstream IP telephony offers you to extend highly secure, quality, reliable and consistent communication services to all your employees, whether they are at the main campus location, in a branch office, working remotely, or mobile. Our SIP Unified Communications solutions enable businesses to be more productive than ever before. We cater solutions to all types of business and enterprise markets and have been recognized for their quality, reliability, and innovation. Grandstream solutions lower communication costs, improve security protection and increase productivity.


Grandstream IP telephony transit solutions unify voice, video, data and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks allowing users to easily communicate in any workspace using any media, device or operating system.

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